5 Key Elements in Caribbean Fashion
06 Jul

Caribbean fashion style and Caribbean attire are known being part of the Caribbean and West Indies diverse culture and traditions. The Caribbean culture and fashion have been developed for decades, drawing source from their history and foundation.

With them, arrived the traditions, beliefs, ideologies, and cultures of numerous other countries. This myriad of European, African, and Asian cultures that migrated to the Caribbean islands resulted in a unique blend that came to the formation in the shape of the rich Caribbean culture.

One such example stands that in the designs of their garments, one might find fragments of inspiration drawn from Chinese clothes and garments, yet a look unique to the Caribbean islands remains prevalent in itself.

Every year without fail as the seasons start switching, new trends inspired by our countries’ cultures roll onto the runways and into the markets, and why should the Caribbean be any different? Listed below are some of the latest fashion trends that make Caribbean clothing so unique in its standing.

1.     Bright and Bold Palettes

Clothes worn in the Caribbean islands are indicative of the bright and beautiful life there. The clothes represent the tropical environment, so every piece of garments is colorful and lively. You’ll spot locals wearing vivid colors like red, blue, green, yellow, and orange all the time.

2.     Lively and Vivid Patterns

If there’s one thing other than bright colors that stands out in the clothing of Caribbean natives, it’s the inevitable designs and patterns. Fashion designers believe that one pattern and color is not enough so they love to blend, mix, and match all the colors of the rainbow. What is most important that all colors are full of life and set a true tropical mood.

3.     Tassels

Tassels are a finishing detail to many outfits and tassels and fringe together are the Caribbean darlings. Tassels are used at the borders of blouses, sleeves, pants, even in jewelry. As for fringe, it’s been adapted in everything ranging from jackets to shoes, to hair. They are the pure essence of the Caribbean fashion.

4.     Loose yet Stylish Garments

Who doesn’t love loose clothing? Oversized hoodies and sweatshirts seem to be the fashion trend of the century. But in the Caribbean islands, loose clothing is loved for its functionality and practicality due to the extremely warm temperatures. Comfortable and beautiful? That is a perfect match

5.     Airy Fabrics

Airy fabrics such as linen are preferred for their light, breathable nature. They don’t stick to the body, and they let air pass through the garment which helps avoid over-heating. Airy fabrics have been a Caribbean staple for decades because of the practicality. If you are wearing Caribbean clothes, you can flaunt your style and feel very comfortable.


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